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Experiment - Various Parts of Hydraulic Bench


Hydraulic bench is a very useful apparatus in hydraulics and fluid mechanics. It is involved in majority of experiments to be conducted e.g. To find the value of the co-efficient of velocity ‘Cv’, coefficient of discharge ‘Cd’, to study the characteristics of flow over notches, to find metacentric height, to find head losses through pipes, to verify Bernoulli’s theorem etc.

Parts of Hydraulic Bench Machine:

Its parts are given below:

Centrifugal pump

It draws water from sump tank and supplies it for performing experiments.

Sump Tank

It stores water for Hydraulic bench. It is located in the bottom portion of Hydraulic bench. Water from here is transported to other parts by using a pump. It has a capacity of 160 liters.

Vertical pipe

It supplies water to the upper part of hydraulic bench from sump tank through a pump.

Control valve

It is used to regulate the flow in the pipe i.e. to increase or decrease the inflow of water in the hydraulic bench.

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Parts of Hydraulic Bench


With the help of this we can attach accessories with the hydraulic bench. Special purpose terminations may be connected to the pump supply by unscrewing connector, no hand tools are required for doing so. It is located in the channel.


It is used in number of experiments It provides passage for water for different experiments.

Drain valve

It is used for emptying sump tank.

Side channels

They are the upper sides of the channel. They are used to attach accessories on test.

Volumetric tank

It stores water coming from channel. This tank is stepped to accommodate low or high flow rates. It has a capacity of 46 liters.

Stilling baffle

It decreases the turbulence of water coming from channel. It is located in the volumetric tank.

Scale & Tapping

A sight tube and scale is connected to a tapping in the base of the volumetric tank and gives an instantaneous indication of water level.

Dump valve

It is at the base of the volumetric tank. Opening the dump valve allows the entrained water to return to the sump tank for recycling. It is used for emptying volumetric tank. It is located in the bottom of the volumetric tank.


Dump valve is operated by a remote actuator, lifting actuator opens the dump valve, when it is given a turn of 90’ it will turn the dump valve in the open position.

Over flow

It is an opening in the upper portion of the volumetric tank. It sends the water level above 46 lits to the sump tank.
Measuring cylinder

A measuring cylinder is provided for measuring of very small flow rate. The cylinder is stored in the compartment housing the pump.


It on / off the hydraulic bench.


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