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5 Travel Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

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Canal Comes Alive with Lighted Boat Parade.

Functions of Slab and Design of Slab

A flat piece of concrete, put on the walls or columns of a structure. It serves as a walking surface but may also serve as a load bearing member, as in slab homes. Its necessary to check the slab deflection for all load cases both for short and long term basis. In general, under full service load, Deflection (d) < L/250 or 40 mm whichever is smaller. Check for lateral

Requirements Of Small Hydro Power Project

All civil works must be durable and maintainable to 15 years, except in cases of specific components where rebuild is explicitly included and costed in the management plan. Civil works must be designed for adequate and safe performance at minimum expense. Reliable methods of diverting flow from the silt basin, canal, forebay, and from the penstock, so that

Structural Design Criteria for Coastal Structures

Coastal structures are the structures that are constructed near to the coastal areas for different purposes. Different types of coastal structures are constructed under different circumstances but the criteria to be used for the selection and design of specific type of coastal structure must be authentic and comply with the standards.

Design of Sanitary Landfill Site

The following steps should be taken that are necessary to be taken for detail design of proposed landfill site & development of treatment process concerning to site preparation: Preparing site for proper drainage of rain water by cutting of high level ground and giving it a down slope 1:400. Soil obtained from this cutting is used in providing the embankment of fencing of

Sand Trap Design Criteria & Location for Construction

Sand trap is a structure that is constructed to exclude the quantity of sand that is carried by water flowing in the channels or tunnels for power generation or irrigation or some other purposes. Sand trap is provided In the form of chambers that depends upon the discharge that is to be carried by the channel or tunnel. As it is general and true believe the life of dam

Water Hammer - Definition and Factors Affecting it

If water is flowing through a channel and it is stopped abruptly i.e its momentum is broken so a pressure surge or wave results, this effect produced is called water hammer or hammer blow. This effect can be produced in any fluid. When a flow is stopped backwater effect is produced in which a wave of water moves against the flowing water. It is caused by a pressure or a

Why Study Soil Mechanics in Civil Engg?

Soil is a natural agglomerate used as a construction as well as supporting material and is composed of particles of broken rocks which keep on changing in their texture, structure, consistency, color, chemical,Soil is a natural agglomerate used as a construction as well as supporting material and is composed of particles of broken rocks which keep on changing in their

Highway Maintenance and its Types

Preserving and keeping each type of roadway, roadside, structures as nearly as possible in its original condition as constructed or as subsequently improved and the operation of highway facilities and services to provide satisfactory and safe transportation, is called maintenance of Highways. Generally following factors affect the maintenance of pavements.

How and Where to Plan Reservoirs

A natural or artificial place where water is collected and stored for use, especially water for supplying a community, irrigating land, furnishing power, etc is known as reservoir. One major consideration in the development of any surface water resource project is the structural stability of the reservoir which should be capable of containing safely the projected volumes of water

Factors Affecting Selection of UUL Technologies

Every underground utility locating technology has its own limitations. 
There is no single technology that can be used for every type of utility, soil type, and site. Many factors, including characteristics of

Factors Affecting Site Selection of Residential Buildings

There are many factors which must be taken in to account while selecting a site for a commercial and residential buildings. Some of these factors are given below. Shape of the Plot Location of the plot Availability of amenities Water Table Sewerage system Geometry of the plot for any kind of construction is very important which can largely effect the appearance of your structure.

Factors for Site Selection of Commercial Building

The following are the few factors which must be taken into account while selecting a site for commercial building. Location. Climate of region Availability of raw materials for Cost and time frame Population of the region The value of a commercial building depends upon its location, whether it is located in the center of the region or at the borders or on the main road or away from the main road. For a good commercial building it should be on the main road and in the

Factors Affecting Precipitation Formation

Following are the factors mainly responsible for the formation of precipitation....A lifting mechanism to produce cooling of the air. A mechanism to produce condensation of water vapors and formation of cloud droplets. A mechanism to produce growth of cloud droplets to size capable of falling to the ground against the lifting force of air. When air ascends from near the

5 Factors Affecting Formation of Soil

The formation of soil starts with the parent material and continues for a very long period of time taking 1000 years or more. As the parent material is weathered and / or transported, deposited and precipitated it is transformed into a soil. The parent material may be in the form of bedrock, glacial deposits, and loose deposits under water or material moving down sloping

Highway Capacity | Definition, Types & Factors

It is the ability of a road to accommodate traffic volume. It is the maximum hourly rate at which vehicles can reasonably be expected to cross a point on a roadway during a given time period under prevailing traffic roadway and control condition. For multi lane highway it is 2000pcphpl,

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