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5 Travel Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

Canal Comes Alive with Lighted Boat Parade.

Corrosion in Concrete Reinforcement

The basic problem in Reinforced concrete structures is the corrosion of steel reinforcement. The main cause of this corrosion is intrusion of water inside the RC structures. The corrosion of steel reinforcement can be judged by peculiar cracking of concrete structures. At last stage of corrosion, the steel reinforcement becomes exposed and the extent of corrosion
By Haseeb Jamal - Feb 18, 2017

Functions and Components of Dams

It is made up of impervious material and its object is to make the dam water tight. The particle size of material used in the core is small so that it can retain water and do not allow its further seepage.

How to Design Dams

Dam should be feasible to construct e.g availability of labor, material, experienced and skilled personnel etc.

Disadvantages of Concrete in Construction

Concrete has a very low tensile strength and requires the use of reinforcing bars at tensile zone. Forms are required to hold the concrete in place until it hardens sufficiently. The low strength per unit of weight of concrete leads to heavy members and is an important consideration for tall buildings and long-span structures. The properties of concrete vary widely due to
By Haseeb Jamal - Feb 05, 2017

Final year Projects Topics List

Final Year Projects Ideas for Civil Engineering Students

Team Functions, Roles and Responsibilities

Contracts are broken down into activities for purposes of scheduling, estimating, progress control and cost control. Large projects can have several hundred activities or more. Trick is to know which activities are critical. Critical activities are those that could impact the cost of the work by at least one half of one percent of the bid price: For example, on a $1,000,000 project.

Civil Engineering Surveying

The process of determining by measurement, the relative positions of points above, on, or beneath the earth surface, in order to produce map or plan (which shows feature of the surface) in horizontal or vertical plane. The Term surveying refers to those measurements or operation, which deal in production of map or plan in horizontal plane.

Sub-Surface Movement of Groundwater

Water moves primarily downward due to gravity. Water infiltrates from surface and moves downward to water table or ponds on impermeable surface (clay layer, etc.) to form a Perched water table

What is Chlorine Demand

It is the difference between the amounts of chlorine applied to amount of free, combine or total available chlorine remaining at the end of contact period (specified) which should be at least 30min.

Rate of Strength Gain of Concrete

Strength can be defined as ability to resist change. One of the most valuable properties of the concrete is its strength. Strength is most important parameter that gives the picture of overall quality of concrete. Strength of concrete usually directly related to cement paste. Many factors influence the rate at which the strength of concrete increases after mixing. Before coming

Compressive Strength of Concrete

Strength of hardened concrete measured by the compression test. The compression strength of concrete is a measure of the concrete's ability to resist loads which tend to compress it. The compressive strength is measured by crushing cylindrical concrete specimens in compression testing machine. The compressive strength of concrete is calculated by the failure load

Common Definitions in Surveying

Levelling is the most widely used method of obtaining the elevations of ground points relative to a reference datum and is usually carried out as a separate procedure to those used in fixing planimetric position.

ITS Architecture / Hierarchy / Layers

It is a conceptual design that defines the structure and/or behavior of an integrated Intelligent Transport System (ITS). ITS Architecture provides a framework to guide the planning and deployment of ITS technologies. The program facilitates the ability of jurisdictions to operate

Laws of Soil Mechanics

One of the most important uses for geotextiles is as a filter in drainage and erosion control applications. Drainage examples include trench and French drains, interceptor drains, blanket drains, pavement edge drains, and structural drains, to name just a few.

Road Construction Machinery

Road construction equipment are found in a wide variety ranging from the very heavy equipment to portable and lighter equipment. These modern and high construction equipment make the construction job easier and quicker. Also the work done my heavy machinery is of good quality, this is the reason that we find a wide variety of equipment at every construction site.

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