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Types of Settling in Waste Water Treatment Plants

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Nov 18, 2017 / Waste Water, Types of
Waste Water Treatment Plant

Following are the types of settling:

Type I Settling

Discrete, non-flocculent particles in a dilute suspension - settle as separate units, and there is no apparent flocculation or interaction between the particles - settling of sand particles in grit chambers

Type II Settling

Settling of flocculent particles in a dilute suspension - flocculate during settling and increase in size and settle at a faster velocity - settling in primary clarifiers

Type III Settling

Zone or hindered settling - settling in an intermediate concentration - the particles are so close together that interparticle forces hinder the settling of neighboring particles - settle at a constant velocity - settling in secondary clarifiers (upper part).

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Type IV Settling

Compression settling - settling in a high concentration - the particles touch each other and settling can occur only by compression of the compacting mass - settling in secondary clarifiers (lower part)

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