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5 Travel Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

Canal Comes Alive with Lighted Boat Parade.

By Haseeb Jamal - Aug 31, 2017

Water Quality Analysis & Monitoring in Pakistan

The main objectives of this project are to evaluate the quality of drinking water sources in rural areas, covering 24 districts (94 tehsils) in four provinces of Pakistan, and design and install water conditioning and filtration units in the problem areas, in collaboration with local governments to ensure safe supply of drinking water to the rural population. The water
By Haseeb Jamal - Jul 08, 2017

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By Haseeb Jamal - Jul 08, 2017

Download Previous papers of Civil Engineering

Free Download Complete Civil Engineering Past papers All in One The collection includes the following papers of the respective years.
By Haseeb Jamal - Jun 24, 2017

Latest and Newly Added Civil Engineering Articles

Design of Spurs and Groynes Physical Features in Surveying Setting Out Site for Building Construction
By Haseeb Jamal - Jun 09, 2017

All Civil Engineering Course Contents

Books, Articles, Trainings and Tutorials, Jobs,
By Haseeb Jamal - Jun 09, 2017

Cable Tool Drilling Method Video

Cable Tool Drilling Method Video
By Haseeb Jamal - Jun 08, 2017

Civil Engineering Syllabus - Civil Engineering Courses

Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics Lab, Engineering Drawing Engineering Materials, Computer Applications in Civil Engg. & Communications, Applied Linear Algebra, Electrical Technology, Mechanics of Solids, Computer Programming for Civil
By Haseeb Jamal - May 14, 2017

Concept of Demand & Capacity in Structures

Demand refers to all external actions (self weight) gravity, wind, earthquake, snow all are external actions. If differential settlement occurs stresses are induced in structure. Internal stresses are also called load effects. Steel Reinforcement area should be opposite to the direction of demand e.g. in slabs the demand direction is in the direction of compression and tension i.e.
By Haseeb Jamal - May 11, 2017

Insulation handbook By Richard T. Bynum

Plan, implement, and troubleshoot any type of insulation application Invaluable to anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of thermal insulation, Insulation Handbook, by Richard T. Bynum and Daniel
By Haseeb Jamal - May 10, 2017

What does a Civil Engineer do?

A Civil Engineer is responsible for planning, design, construction and/or maintenance of structures. Civil Engineer can work in private constructions companies, governmental public works organizations or in universities as a research fellow or a teacher. Civil Engineer is able to do the following jobs: To survey a site. To write a technical report about the area or a project. To plot
By Haseeb Jamal - May 10, 2017

Importance and Applications of Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are becoming more and more important with time. Now, they are also responsible for looking after the fire control systems and installing quick fire exit points in the buildings they design. This will help in minimizing the loss of life during fire accidents. Civil engineering is one of the oldest of the engineering professions. Ancient feats such as the building

How to Get a Project Contract

Contract has got a key role in any kind of project i.e. construction, Procurement, Demolishing etc and even in most of the firms there are special persons for it who solely deals in Project contract means how to. There are three ways in which construction contracts are awarded: Competitive awards Negotiated awards, Combination competitive - negotiated awards

Impact of Indian Dams in Kashmir on Pakistani Rivers

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Eighty percent of its agricultural output comes from the Indus Basin. Pakistan has one of the world's largest canal systems built much before Independence by the British. On April 1, 1948, India stopped the supply of water to Pakistan from every canal flowing from India to Pakistan. Pakistan protested and India finally agreed on an interim

Applications of GIS in Civil Engineering

Transportation Watershed analysis Remote sensing Wastewater, stormwater and Solid Waste Management

Energy Crisis & Rich HydroPower Potential of Pakistan

Hydropower is globally recognized as a renewable, cheap and reliable resource of energy. It generates electricity with zero emission and produces no waste. There is no requirement of fuel, operating cost is much lower and hydropower plants have longer economic lives than thermal plants. Pakistan is endowed with a Hydel potential of more than 40,000 MW. However,

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