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A Software of project management. The full tutorial videos cover the development of a full project of a "Home". The tutorials consists of short videos in wmv format so they can be viewed online. You can also download these videos from the link below. The tutorials are in English language.
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Tutor M. Qasim Shinwari

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Autoacd Books | Download AutoCAD Video Tutorials

AutoCAD is an engineering drawing software for 2D and OR 3D Modelling. To some it mat feel that AutoCAD is very difficult to learn or understand but generally it is not that difficult and these tutorials will even make it even more easy for you to learn AutoCAD.

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Microsoft Project Books

MS Project is a Project planning and Management Software, used by Professional individuals and companies to carry out their projects efficiently and succesively.

You can learn MS Project by our free video tutorials and books available.

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How to Install P6 | How to install P6 Crack

P6 Video Tutorial 1

P6 Video Tutorial 2

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Tutor M. Qasim Shinwari
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SAP Books | Download SAP Software v14

SAP is a structural analysis program used for analyzing structures ranging from very simple to even complex link Megastructure.

Its very easy to use and can even be connected from other applications by programming languages, using its API.

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Building Construction Books

Vico Constructor is an application suite developed to author building information models which include architectural information along with the ability to use the model for 4D modeling and cost estimating (5D modeling in Vico literature).

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