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Technical writing is a specialized, structured way of writing, where information is presented in a format and manner that best suits the psychological needs of the readers, so that they can respond to a document as its author intended and achieve the purpose related to that document. The process of gathering information from experts and presenting it to an audience in a clear, easily understandable form is called technical writing.


Technical writing is the presentation of information that helps the reader solves a particular problem. Technical communicators write, design and/or edit proposal, web pages, lab reports, newsletters and many other kinds of professional documents.

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How to write a Technical Report How to write a technical report? Purpose of Technical Writing Purpose of Technical document Writing

While writing a technical document, keep in mind the following parameters. Each on is clearly and comprehensively explained.

  1. Clarity
  2. Accuracy
  3. Comprehensiveness
  4. Accessibility
  5. Conciseness
  6. Correctness

Technical report writing has two basic purposes:

  1. To inform

  2. To persuade more [Read More]

How to write proposals Proposals - How to write proposals? Progrss Reports Progress Reports - How to write Progress reports?

A document which persuades its readers to accept the writer's idea is called a proposal. The RFP asks for both a technical proposal and a cost.... read more [Read More]

There are two kinds of proposals.

  1. External Proposal
    1. Planning
    2. Writing
  2. Internal proposal
    1. Planning
    2. Writing
  3. Designing the Proposal

Progress reports inform management about the status of the project. The project can be the design, construction, or repair of something, the study or research of a problem or question, or the gathering more [Read More]

  1. Planning the Progress Reports

  2. Structure of the Progress report

  3. Adding Special Sections to Prog. Report

Formal Elements of a Report Formal Elements of a Report Characteristics of Technical Writing Custom Writing

Those components which are usually included in a report in business and industry... read more [Read More]

  1. Letter of transmittal
  2. Title page
  3. Abstract
  4. Table of contents
  5. List of illustrations
  6. Executive summary
  7. Glossary and list of symbols
  8. Appendix

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