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What is Engineering economics?

Engineering economics is the application of economic techniques to the evaluation of design and engineering al ternatives. The role of engineering economics is to assess the appropriateness of a given project, estimate its value, and justify it from an engineering standpoint.

Objectives of economics

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Mathematical modelling is used in Engineering Economics to simplify and solve problems. In this method, numericla values are assigned as variables or constants and are arranged accordingly in equations, inequalities or formulae... read more [Read More]
Interest is a fee paid on borrowed assets. It is the price paid for the use of borrowed money. Interest is wron because it charging for both the thing and the use of the thing.. read more [[Read More]

The decrease in value of an asset with respect to time is called depreciation. The value may be market value or an other monitoring value. Depreciation is applied on every commodity except land because there is no limited use or life span of the land

.... read more [Read More]

In broad sense business includes industry commerce & trade. Its main aim is to increase wealth. Industry means a place where... read more [Read More]

Types of Business Organizations

    1. Private Sector
    2. Public Sector
    3. Joint Sector


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