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The physical and biotic habitat which surrounds us; that which can be seen, heard, touched, smelled and tasted.

Environmental Science:

An integrative applied science that draws upon nearly all of the natural sciences to address environmental quality and health issues.

Environmental Engineering:

Uses environmental science principles, along with engineering concepts and techniques, to assess the impacts of social activities on the environment, people, and to protect both human and environmental health. Environmental engineering requires a sound foundation in the environmental sciences and consists of;

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Civil Environmental Engineering Courses

KarconRoller Introduction to Environmental Engineering KarconRoller Public Health Engineering

Also called Green Engineering, is the application of scientific and engineering principles to the environmental issues and their solutions.

Generally, it includes supply of water, disposal and recycling of wastes, drainage of communities, control of water, soil, atmospheric pollution and environmental impacts of different activities carried out on earth. read more [Read More]

A Public health Engineer has the following jobs to do: read more [Read More]

  1. Collection of water
  2. Purification works
  3. Transmission works
  4. Distribution work
KarconRoller Estimation for water demand

Estimation of Water demand & Population forecasting

Consumption of Water

Sources of water and its quality

Chemical characteristics of water



Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Waste Water Treatment and Disposal

WasteWater MicroBiology WasteWater MicroBiology

Urban Waste Water Management

Preliminary Treatment

Primary Treatment

Secondary Treatment

Activated Sludge Process Systems

Classification of bacteria based on Oxygen requirements (ORP)

Classification of Microrganisms by Kingdom

Classification by their Preferred temperature Regime

Read More about Wastewater Microbiology

WasteWater MicroBiology WasteWater MicroBiology

Classification of bacteria based on Oxygen requirements (ORP)

Classification of Microrganisms by Kingdom

Classification by their Preferred temperature Regime

Civil Engineering Practicals of different subjects and fields available for a free download here Civil Engineering Practical Notebooks
WasteWater MicroBiology Site Selection Criteria for Solid Waste Dumping WasteWater MicroBiology Clinical and Hospital Wastes Radiation

Landfill site for solid wastes should be selected on following criteria:

  • Land area and volume should be sufficient enough to provide landfill capacity so that the projected need can be fulfilled for several years. In this way the cost coming on all that procedure can be justified.
  • The landfill site should not be at locations where suitable buffer zones between land fill site and population are not available.
  • The landfill area having steep gradient (where stability of slope could be problematic) should not be selected... read more [Read More]

These include human and animal tissue on excretions, drugs medicinal products, swabs and dressing etc. This classification is expended due to their importance and the fact that these affect our Environment and ecological system, ultimately effect on our health.

A study based on a survey of some 17 hospitals indicates that solvent and chemicals are the predominant toxic or hazardous waste generated and that these materials may be generated at a rate of some 21 ml /bed per day 90.056 Ib/bed per day.... read more [Read More]

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