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Primavera project planner video tutorials Software Details (scroll down for video links)

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Developer Homepage Primavera Inc. Project planning soft
Size / OS 38.33 MB | winlogo Wndows
Category: Project Planning and Management Software
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Primavera Software Answers

M. Qasim Shinwari Primavera Tutor

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The Download package contains video tutorials and the companion folder has the primavera course notes used in the primavera project planner video tutorials.

Primavera Jobs

Free download Primavera books and course notes

Project PLanning software tutorials Download Videos
Video 1 Watch Online
How to make project Backup in P3 & Introduction to Primavera
Video 2 Watch Online
Tutorial 1: How to make New Project in P3
Video 3 Watch Online
Tutorial 2: Adding activities, duration, assigning task types
Video 4 Watch Online
Tutorial 3: Adding successors and Project Scheduling
Video 5 Watch Online
Tutorial 4: Defining & Applying WBS Codes in Planner
Video 6 Watch Online
Tutorial 5: Grouping & Sorting Activities in P3
Video 7 Watch Online
Tutorial 6: Calendar & Holidays
Video 8 Watch Online
Tutorial 7: Relationships & Adjust Schedule to meet target completion date
Video 9 Watch Online
Tutorial 8: Filtering Activities
Video 10 Watch Online
Tutorial 9: Customizing Barcharts & Changing color of activities
Video 11 Watch Online
Tutorial 10: Customizing P3 Planner layout & Progress Reporting
Video 12 Watch Online
Coming Soon
Video 13 Watch Online
Coming Soon

The package contains...

  • Introduction to the software
  • The user interface of the software
  • Its main features
  • How to use Primavera
  • How to make a project (e.g "HOME")

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