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Geology / Seismology Articles

Seismology is study of the generation, propagation and recording of the elastic waves and the source that produce them.... read more [Read More]

  1. Introduction to Seismology
  2. What is Engineering Geology
  3. Importance of Engg. Geology in Civil Engineering
There are various scientific theories of origin and evolution of the earth...
  1. Nebular Hypothesis
  2. Planetesimal Hypothesis
  3. Gaseous Tidal Hypothesis
  4. Binary Star Hypothesis
  5. Gas Dust Cloud Hypothesis

The earth is divided into three main layers: Inner core, outer core, mantle and crust.

  1. Crust
  2. Moho
  3. Mantle
  4. Core
  5. Rocks

The most important of cycles begin with molten magma from within the earth forming into rock, then continue with rocks being broken down into... read more [Read More]

Rocks are classified according to their place in the geologic cycle. The three major categories are

  • Igneous
  • Sedimentary and
  • Metamorphic

It is a general term and applied to the combine action of all processes causing rocks disintegration physically and decomposition chemically.

Types of Weathering

Factors affecting weathering

Effect of Rock structure & Composition on Weathering

Fault is a fracture / crack / joint along which there has been relative displacement of beds. Explained with diagrams


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