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Types of Air Masses and Fronts

If the surface is warm and moist, air in the region becomes warm and moist also. If the air then moves to different regions it takes these properties along, gradually changing in response to the new area. Air masses are designated as cold or warm and moist or dry. It is a boundary between two air masses. The term has its origins analog to military operations as the

Sources of Error in Measuring Precipitation

Some water is used to wet the surface of instrument. The rain recorded may be less than the actual rainfall due to the direction of the rainfall as affected by wind. Dents in the collector and tube may also cause error.

Types of Precipitation Based on Lifting Mechanism

Although moisture is always present in the atmosphere but it is condensed only when air is cooled and saturated with some water vapors. Usually mechanism by which air is cooled to cause precipitation is the lifting of air mass. Precipitation is often classified according to the factor responsible for lifting of air to higher altitudes. Following are the various types of

Factors Affecting Precipitation Formation

Following are the factors mainly responsible for the formation of precipitation....A lifting mechanism to produce cooling of the air. A mechanism to produce condensation of water vapors and formation of cloud droplets. A mechanism to produce growth of cloud droplets to size capable of falling to the ground against the lifting force of air. When air ascends from near the

Precipitation And Factors Affecting Precipitation

It is defined as the fall of moisture from the atmosphere to the earth surface in any physical form. Usually precipitation is in two forms: Liquid - rainfall Solid Precipitation

How Precipitation Occurs

Precipitation takes place when a body of moisture cools sufficiently for it to become saturated in water droplets and ice crystals, upon condensation. Air may be cooled in a number of ways i.e. By meeting of air masses of different temperature. By coming into contact with a cold object such as ground (mountains). The most important mechanism is uplift of air, as air

How to Measure Rainfall / Precipitation

All the forms of precipitation are measure on the basis of vertical depth of water that would accumulate on a level surface of precipitation remained where it fell. In metric system precipitation is measure in millimeters and tenths. Any open receptacle with vertical side can be used as a gauges for measuring rainfall. These refined receptacles with vertical side can be

How to Estimate Missing Precipitation Data

Some precipitation stations may have short breaks in the records because of absence of the observer or because of instrumental failures. It is often necessary to estimate this missing record.

Estimating Missing Precipitation Data

Many precipitation stations have short breaks in their records because of absence of the observers or instrumental failure. It is must to estimate this missing record. The following method is adjusted for estimating this missing rainfall data.

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