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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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Design procedure for sanitary sewers

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Apr 26, 2017 / Design of, Waste Water, Sewers

How to Design Sanitary Sewer

Design flow:

  • Calculate the average wastewater flow, Qavg = (70-80) % of average water consumption.

  • Select a peak factor, PF = [(18+√P)/(4+√P)], where P = population in thousands.

  • Calculate the peak wastewater flow, Qpeak = (PF * Qavg)

  • Calculate the allowance for industrial and commercial sewage at the rate of 3734 m3/km2/d (Qind)

  • Calculate the infiltration allowance, Qinf = (5-10) % of Qavg

  • Find the design discharge by adding peak flow, industrial and commercial allowance and infiltration allowance, i.e., Qdesign = Qpeak + Qind + Qinf

Diameter of the sewer:

Assume a suitable value for cleaning velocity, determine the area (diameter) of the sewer by using the relation, Area, A = (Qdesign/V)

Slope using Manning’s equation determine the slope of sewer, V = [(1/n) *(R2/3)*(√S)]


Meghanhunter Aug 17, 2019

Design procedure for sanitary sewers. I am just here to show you my design all the designs are procedure are telling you about the sanitary sewers which must be according to If you like these designs then you wait for some of the other designs here.

goosz9n9 Aug 20, 2019

That's so good tips. Mega thanks pixel gun 3d You help me a lot. 

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