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Site Setting Out / Field Setting Out


The method of setting out is the reverse of surveying process. The process involves the positions and levels of building lines and road alignments shown on the construction plans to be established on the ground by various techniques and instruments.

See Also: Setting Out Circular Curves

Methods of Setting Out

  1. Setting out buildings by coordinates
  2. Setting out with theodolite and level
  3. Checking verticality
  4. Setting out and alignment in steel framed buildings
  5. Alignment and verticality in form work
  6. Control and calculation for route surveying

1. Setting Out Building by Coordinates

Setting Out by CoordinatesA building can be set out by taking referencing from an already established baseline. An irregular building or a building having a complex geometry can be also be located using the same method. For each corner of the building, a grid line can be established from the baseline.

3. Checking Verticality:

To check verticality of points in a building, the following surveying instruments can be used:

  1. Plumb Bob (For buildings less than 20m in height)
  2. Optical Plummet (A transparent plastic sheet is used as a target for checking verticality of tall buildings)
  3. Theodolite

Setting out works also include

Optical PlummetComputations and setting out Methods for:

  1. Simple Circular Curves
  2. Compound Curves
  3. Reverse curves
  4. Transition curves
  5. Vertical curves
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