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Types of Strainers


Following are the types of strainers used in water wells:

  1. Cook strainer
  2. Browlie
  3. Ashford
  4. Leggett
  5. Phoenix
  6. Layne and brownlie

1. Cook strainer

  • American patent and costly strainer
  • It is made up of brass tube on which slots are made with cutting machine
  • Slots 0.15 to 0.4 mm

2. Brownlie strainer

  • Made of a polygonal convoluted steel plate having holes
  • Surrounded by wire mesh consisting of copper wires

3. Ashford strainers

  • Delicate strainer
  • Consists of perforated tube with a wire around it
  • A wire mesh is soldered over it
  • It is protected by a wire net

4. Leggett strainer

  • Expensive
  • Provided with cleaning device
  • Shape of a cutter which can be turned into slits and controlled from ground source

5. Phoenix strainer

Mild steel tube consists of openings coated with cadmium to keep away from choking caused by corrosion.

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