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  • “Engineering … it is a great profession. There is the fascination of watching a figment of the imagination emerge through the aid of science to a plan on paper. Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it elevates the standards of living […]

  • To ensure stability, concrete was added to sections of the bridge deck as well. The M-shaped supports near the approach spans also ensure stability.

  • China accidentally builds flats in path of new highway then has to cut road in half. Chinese officials were forced to cut this motorway in half to go around a block of flats after the building was accidentally erected in its path before the road was built. The residents of the flats had just been […]

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology Online Masters of Civil Engineering Related articles across the web Civil Engineering in Sochi Winter Olympics – Infographic

  • There are about ten (10) words related to civil engineering in this crossword puzzle.

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China, where even the windows are fake in the city of Qingdao, a new apartment complex has been recently constructed. To save some cash, the windows have been skipped from the building structure and instead a fake window like painting has been used to give the building a normal look. The painting is so good that from a distance, it is hard to tell that they are not real. Up […]

Chinese Buildings with Fake Windows – Painted…

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was a lofty tower built by the Ptolemaic Kingdom between 280 and 247 BC on the coastal island of Pharos at Alexandria, Egypt for the purpose of guiding sailors into the port.

Engineering Failures – Failure of Civil Engineering Structures Part 1/2

Empire State Building is Sky Scrapper in New York. For many years it has remained the tallest structure of the World. It was and still is the identity of New York. It was constructed in days when

Pictures of the Construction of the Empire State Building

This is an image from a simple house construction where the stairs are constructed in a way which has rendered it totally useless. There is no way the stairs can utilized for the purpose they have been built for.

Civil Engineering Mistakes – Engineering Errors and Faults

It has been called a technological masterpiece in building-construction history. Built in commemoration of the French Revolution, the Eiffel Tower is one of the world's premier tourist attractions.

Eiffel Tower Internal Views – Side Structure of Eiffel Tower