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want create a program in detail & I dont want to show the detailed activities to client.Only high Level want to show. The reason for doing in detail to manage the resources efficiently. is there any option in p6 or p6V7 have to hide activities or limit access ?

Otherwise i need to maintain the seperate schedule to manage resources.

Whts your views on this ?
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If you are allowed to use WBS Summary then use this approach:-
Try using the WBS structure to group your activities together. Then show the client your summary by WBS report. If you need help with resource abstraction try associating roles with the detailed resources. Then use reports on roles to help communicate the resource demands without disclosing resource details.
.Other wise:-

Please use codes and filters. You can also put the activities you don't want them to see in a separate project within the same EPS node. This allows the relationships to exist when both projects are open and hidden when one is closed. But Client should be advised not to reschedule the project