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Which is better MS project or Primavera?
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Answer to MS Project vs Primavera - Comparison - Differences & Similarities between Primavera & MS project
Primavera versus Microsoft Project
Number 1:
Transactional Systems – Single-User, Check In / Check Out System
Microsoft Project requires projects currently being worked on to be checked out from the system database. This implies:

  1. Only one user can view real time information and do updating. Other users accessing the same project can only view dated information.</li>
  2. The organization will have to rely on one person to do updating.
  3. Multi-user & real-time - all the time centralized data

Primavera allows multiple users to concurrently access a single project / multiple projects at any time. This provides the following advantages:

  1. More accessibility, uptime and visibility
  2. Users are looking at the most updated data all the time
  3. Users can concurrently do editing on the same project.

Number 2.
Single Project application with no true Enterprise Data structure
Within Microsoft Project, Project Managers (PM) / Resource Managers (RM) can only open one project for analysis at any one time. If a PM is working on Multiple projects, or wants to compare data, he has to open multiple files or insert from multiple projects to a temporary single project.
For organizational, security, reporting and roll-up purposes, an enterprise level tool must identify the project level, and support a subprogram / program enterprise hierarchy above the project level. MSP does not have a separate Enterprise data structure like EPS and OBS, thus is unable to assign security attributes in such fashion. Users either have access to the project or not at all.
True Enterprise Application
Primavera is able to open multiple projects concurrently, whether for updating or for analysis. Enterprise data structures like Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) allows the system to recognize the organizational layout and provides inter-departmental security and integrity. Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) provides definition of people’s roles in different projects, supplying them with appropriate views of data, as well as security. Access and updating rights can be assigned on different levels.
 Non-enforceable Templates

  1. Microsoft Project’s templates are at best high level, non-enforceable guidelines to the user. These templates are static and do not enforce standard processes across the enterprise - they can be modified without any security controls protecting them.
  2. There will be extensive development and additional cost to customize Project Guide
  3. This also results in inconsistent project and reporting project structures.

Primavera Methodology Manager & Project Architect
Primavera Methodology Manager provides robust templates with WBS, task, role requirement, historical estimates, document templates and complete knowledge bases. These templates have enforced security preventing reckless changes to the knowledge base.
Primavera Project Architect

  1. Sizes and alters Methodology content.
  2. Information.
  3. Provides rationale for decision. Avoid reinventing the wheel.
  4. Instills consistency and standardization of approach, Repeat Success, Learn from failures and Improve Process continually.

Number 4:
Limited Tools

  1. Microsoft Project requires MS Project Professional to control project and resource data and then publish the information to the web. However, users of MS Project Web cannot edit the information they can read, implying that each Project Manager / Resource Manager requires a copy of MS Project Professional loaded on their terminal.
  2. Microsoft does not have a web based tool for Project Managers and Resource Managers to do updating. This will imply more costs and expenses.

Right Tools for the Right Roles
Primavera offers fully functional web solutions for Project Managers and Resource Managers. The users can read and/or write to pertinent data based on their security profile. Primavera web tools can be used by the PM & RM to do their job.  Primavision allows users to log in from the internet. Based on their profiles (which are to be set in P3e on the server side), these users will be able to view / edit pertinent information which will be updated to the centralized database.

Number 5:
No Scheduling Service

  1. Microsoft Project does not have server based scheduling available hence scheduling of multiple projects with hundreds of resources will be a problem.
  2. In fact, MS Project can level ONE (1) project at any one time. Resource leveling will have to be done in MS Project Professional. Multiple projects again have to be consolidated into one project manually, leveled and then saved individually back.

Enterprise Level Scheduling and Leveling
Primavera is able to schedule multiple projects simultaneously and hassle-free. Resource leveling and analysis across multiple projects is also simple.

Number 6:

Inadequate Cross Project Functionality
Microsoft Project cannot view detailed, task-level information for resources working on multiple projects from MS Project Professional. Detailed task information is only available for one project at a time.

The Resource Manager has to open multiple projects or consolidate into one project. Each project the Resource Manager opens provides additional “Summary” information on the resources involved, lacking insight in resource task levels.
Cross Project Reports are also extremely expensive and difficult. MS Project ships with 29 standard reports only and directs users to 3rd party tools for advanced reporting capabilities, leading to additional costs. The creation of cross project reports requires creation of custom data cubes, or consolidation of multiple projects manually by Project Manager.
Powerful Cross Project Functionality
Primavera provides Resource Managers with ability to view edit and update task level information for resources, whether they are working on single or multiple projects. It is comprehensive, easy-to-use with Cross project and resource views.
Primavera also comes with More than 100 standard reports in the base Primavera system and is more robust on the type of information provided. It is easy to create / customize new reports for single or multiple projects

MS Project Video Tutorials

Primavera P3 Video Tutorials

Primavera P6 Video Tutorials

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