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what is preliminary survey?
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Preliminary survey is abot see the topography of te land. i.e jungle, hill, flat tropography e.t.c.
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Preliminary site assessments are undertaken to determine the most suitable land-use in terms of development and planning, or for construction purposes. This exercise is not only suited for large corporate projects, but also beneficial for individuals, especially those engaged in construction projects in urban areas where pressures on land are great. Furthermore, its best practice to include a section of environmental impact assessment of the proposed project when carrying out this exercise.

Preliminary survey

To collect adequate data to prepare plan / map of area to be used for planning and design.

In this step the alternative routes which are proposed after a rough survey in the second step are surveyed in details using some advanced instruments like levels, chain and theodolite. Aerial Photogrammetry is best suited for this type of survey.   

Types of Preliminary Survey

1. Control Surveys:

Control  surveys are  used  to establish  horizontal  and  vertical  coordinates for each point of interest.

2. Aerial Surveys:

A rural or urban mapping scale for the project is determined during the survey meeting. This  scale  directly  affects  the  altitude  of  the  photography and  the flight  line  target intervals.

3. Planimetric and Topographic Surveys

Planimetric and  topographic surveys  collect  measurements  of natural  and  man-made features. Every  surveying  observation  can  be  used  to  determine horizontal  and  vertical coordinates.  However, when some of the features are mapped the vertical component is not  utilized.    Additionally,  not  all features  are graphically represented in  the  project mapping files.


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