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I would appreciate if someone advise the steps in P6 to perform Earned Value Analysis
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The Formula to calculate the Productivity, based in the Earned Value Method or EVM, is : P = %Complete x Budget Manhours / Actual manhours, so, you first need the Total Budgeted Manhours, then the Actual % complete, thta must be calculated as the actual Quantity of work done divided by the total work in the Budget, then you'll need the Actual manhours expended in the execution of the actual work, to put those Manhours in the denominator of the above formula. This way you will have the P or Productivity of that activity. Now, the Earned Value is in the Numerator of the Formula I gave above = % Complete x (times), the Total Budget Manhours, meaning the % of Hours you should have spent compared to the total budget, OK? Tell me if you need to see a simple sample. Hope this helps
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In simple terms

you need to do the following

1. Set up a programme as normal
2. Assign resources to it with cost and hours
3. Make sure the duration type is Physical % Complete
4. Baseline the progrmame
5. Then add in columns, PV. EV and Actual cost
6. change the data date and you should see planned value come up
7. Update as required, your EV will be given by updating the % complete (as far as I am aware)

Otherwise, just tinker and play around with it, you need to understand EVM before you can model it on P6