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Does anyone use a third party tool to view Primavera files?
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There is no filter you can assign apart from the default three options...however;

If you want, you can create a filter for the activities you wish to link to in the normal fashion in the Bar Chart area. You can then run a Global change to add a * to the start of each activity description (you can remove this at the end of the process). Next, go to the activity you wish to assign the predecessor/ successor to, and then in the assign dialogue box (Predecessor or Successor), Group and Sort by List. By Sorting the activity description ascending, then all of the activities from your original filter starting with * will appear near the top of the list, and more importantly, together. This way you can assign all of the filtered activities at the same time.

When you have assigned your activities, you can then run another global change to remove the * from the start of the activities.

Carry out this process for any filters you wish - it isn't pretty, or efficient, but would work.

Alternatively, you could just run the filter in the standard manner, and then assign the relationships many to one, instead of one to many.