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what are the types of dams?
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There are broadly two types of Dams. For more details follow the link attached. http://members.optusnet.com.au/~engineeringgeologist/page6.html
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Following are the Types of Dams:

Classification of dams on the basis of materials used in dam construction

  1. Rigid Dams (Concrete dams, steel dams, timber dams etc)
  2. Non-Rigid dams (Beam Design Formulas , rockfill dams)

Classification of dam types with respect to size/height of the dam

  1. Low dam / Small dam (How to build small dams)
  2. Medium dams
  3. High dam / Large dams

Classification of dam according to its purpose/use

  1. Water supply dam/Irrigation dams
  2. Power dams
  3. Multipurpose dams
  4. Flood control dams

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