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How to install p6? How to install primavera p6 crack version?

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  1. Install P6 as a standalone.
  2. DO NOT install sample Projects. After installing reboot your PC. Try to login with User- admin Password- admin.  Then you will get message "Server not configured"  Now Start Here<-  1. Click the tab beside database PMDB you will see "Edit Database Connections"
  3. ck Configure
  4. Check Database alias= PMDB
  5. Select Driver type = Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express
  6. Click Next and you will at Configure SQL Server Connection
  7. Now here you should enter following -  Host Name = your computer name-<strong>PCPRIMAVERA</strong>    (if you open My Computer you will find your computer name at bottomleft   corner or open Device Manager your computer name will be at the top)    Database Name = pmdb$primavera
  8. Go to next screen and DO NOT change anything!!, click Next to   Validate database connection,
  9. Go ahed by clicking <strong>Next</strong>, Check Connection Successful!! Dialog &   Finish    Follow the same procedure for Methodology Management Database  Host Name will be the same  Database will be MMDB  Database name will be mmdb$primavera

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