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I am not getting any interview calls
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Most of the jobseekers begin the job hunt without having a proper plan in place which makes it much more difficult to find a good job opening and applying to it successfully. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes which many job seekers commit. By avoiding these common mistakes you can put your job hunt on the right path and make the best of your time.

Applying to Irrelevant Jobs:

During a job hunt, many job seekers get desperate and start applying to any and every job that is available to them. They apply to jobs which are either not relevant to their field or the level of experience and skill needed in a candidate is much above the level of the job seeker. This serves no purpose other than to irritate the employers who might add your profile to a block list which will not let you apply to any jobs in future. Avoid this conduct at all costs and only apply to jobs that are specific to your skills and education level.

Creating a Poor Resume:

You may think that your resume is ok but there are many factors which can lead to making your résumé poor which include spelling mistakes, typing errors, too short or too long resume, exaggeration and false representation of skills etc. Also, your resume does not need to be a list of the duties or tasks that have been appointed to you at various positions. The potential employer is always more interested in finding out about your accomplishments and achievements rather than the duties.

If you feel like making a resume is too hard, there are many online samples available which can help you in making a perfect resume. The CV wizard at ROZEE.PK is specifically designed to help you make a professional resume with the option to choose between different available designs.

Weak Objective on the Resume:

One of the worst mistakes by many job seekers is that they put a weak objective on their resume which is often taken from someone else’s resume or from a sample on the internet. For instance, “looking for an opportunity to efficiently utilize my skills and experience to contribute towards the company growth” is a poor objective as it says nothing specific about the job or the benefits you can bring to the company.

Having a Standardized Cover Letter:

Most job seekers make the mistake of keeping a standardized cover letter which they send with every job application. A cover letter plays a very important part in making an impression on the recruiter and if you have a standardized cover letter which has nothing specific mentioning your skills and expertise or how you can be effective at the given job, there is a high chance that the recruiter might throw away your job application without even looking at the CV. So whenever you are applying to a job, make sure that you edit the cover letter to make it more suited for that particular job.

Applying to the Same Company Repeatedly:

Some job seekers are desperate to get into a specific company and they apply to every job opening in that company whether or not they are eligible for the position. If you keep on applying to the same company, the employers will not take your job application seriously and hence you will lose the chance of getting an employment there. It is important to apply to appropriate jobs only.

Failing To Research the Company:

One of the most common mistakes is failing to research the company before applying to a job and going for the subsequent job interview. It is understandable that most of the job seekers are badly in need of a job and do not want to picky when choosing which company to apply to but it is important to research the company on the internet before applying to the position. As a job seeker you should know about the basic structure and functioning of the company so that you can decide whether working in this company will fulfill your long term goals.

If you get the interview call, you need to research the company to find out the details which will help you in properly asking questions during the interview session. Being unprepared for an interview can create a negative impression on the employer.

Not Following Company Directions:

Sending a resume with attached cover letter does not mean that you are done with the application procedure. Every company has some a specific procedure for the submission of job application and when you apply to a job you need to follow this procedure completely. The employers will not accept the applications of job seekers who fail to follow the procedure. Think of it this way, if you cannot even follow the simple directions for a job application procedure what does that say about your capabilities.

Lack of Follow Up:

Many times the reason you are not getting an interview call is simply the lack of follow up after submitting your job applications. You might miss the employer’s call and never call back as you don’t recognize the number. Employers seldom make the same call twice so you might lose the chance for an interview only because you were not available to pick the phone. It is important to call the employer if you do not get a call within 15 days of submitting the application.
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One of the most fundamental problems in job-hunting is having a poor quality resume. A poor quality resume is an unfocused resume, a poorly designed (read ugly) resume, or an error-filled resume. A job-seeker’s resume is a critical marketing tool — and whose main purpose is to get you an interview. So, if you’re not getting interviews, your first step must be evaluating your resume. Your resume must be a sharply honed document that clearly identifies your strengths, accomplishments, and career focus. It is not a life history, so it does not need to contain every single job you have ever had.Here is the professional resume writing service to get interview calls.It is 100% sure.


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