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What is Frequently Ask Question for Fresh Graduate during job interview ?
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  • Why did you choose this programme (field)? University? eg. If you are pursuing mechanical engineering, the panel might ask why mechanical not electrical. The best answer show your interest on the programme. Don’t tell them its your father's choice.

  • Tell us about your industrial training experience. With some preparation I believe you can answer this. Tell them what have you learned and how this programme can make you a better person

  • What is your ambition? You know how to answer this rite ? Your ambition must relate and in line with the course that you are pursuing.

  • What is your plan in the next 5 years? You must clear on what you want to be, in corporate world, of course you want to be at higher position in 5 years time.

  • Your strength and weaknesses. Popular question, just get ready. You may want to turn your weaknesses into strength.

  • Share with us your curriculum activities in university. Focus on your highest and greatest activities first and focus on your leadership. Employer love to hear this. This where active student has their advantage. Active students normally have good soft skills as well and manage people well.

  • Any proudct achievement? This is very simple question, but not many can answer. Some achievement that you might share with the panel such as your in the dean list, best students award, awarded scholarship, appointed as emcee for university event, won 1st place in games,

  • How you measure your achievement? This question just want to test your thinking process from the above question. Eg. if you organizing a conference for your university students, the achievement maybe in term of the responses through questionnaire, no of participant etc

  • What do you know about our company? Do research, get info about company don’t answer like school student. Remember, you are university graduate !

  • Why do you want to join us? This relate to the above question. Show your interest. Eg. Tell them that, you love the industry, the Company is the best in the market (if so), has good benefit and of course career development (you need to check first).

  • Lastly, do you have any question? Focus on the question related to job, about job responsibilities, organization structure, training for fresh graduates, job rotation. Please avoid asking about salary especially for big companies, they have standard salary package for entry level.


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