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how to calculate resources using Est Weight in P6

1. I want to automatically calculate the Units by resources in the selected WBS using Est Weight.
Is there anybody who knows how the best way of doing that?
I have tried to use Global Change, but unfortunately there is no any option of linking Est Weight with resources.
The formula/idea is: Est Weight / Overall duration = Units / time
2. If I will use physical %, is the remaining units of resources will be decreased accordingly?
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Dont know if its right or not but I have resolved this issue by:

  1. Est Weight by Cost.

  2. I have created a steps in the activities and assigned with a weightage.

  3. Then assigned a resources.

  4. Then I have run the TDE with 100 Units

  5. but Budgeted Labor Units figure did not changed??? So i have opened a column of Remaining Labor Units. and found out that they are not matching and the TDE worked only for RLU.

  6. Then I have run the global change BLU=RLU

  7. And then when I have moved the DD, % came without RD's did change. So manually I have changed the RD's and got the duration % complete and physical % Complete.


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