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help required for scheduling
I am a new user of primavera 6.0 and got some basic level training from a consultant. But when I practically started implementing it in a huge project in my organization, I feel some lack of confidence during scheduling. Kindly some one guide me or share literature for scheduling tips. Also I have some Q like ...
1- which % complete type should I select.
2- When I only put the remaining duration, the bar size in gantt chart changes (even before scheduling)
3- What is update progress
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If your NOT using Primavera to track actual hours, using "expected finishes" is an option. I commonly run into activities that extend well past there Original Duration and as a result %Complete starts to become useless. i.e., A job with an original duration of 8 hours that now has an actual duration of 24 hours, and counting, and is 50% complete, so you have to ask the question. 50% of what, 8 hours? 24 hours? or something else?

Updates from Activity Owners are simpler and more intuitive as well. They only need to provide you the following to update the schedule:

  1. When did it Start?
  2. When do you expect to finish it?
  3. When did you finish?

Using this process, each activity on the schedule will need to be updated manually and you move the Data Date forward by using the field provided in the pop up window when you hit F9. As the data date moves forward, activities with an expected finish dates will correct the remaining duration until it reaches zero when the data date equals or exceeds the expected finish date. Primavera will not enter a finished date and will show the activity as "In Progress" until you manually do so. "% Complete", "Remaining Duration", "Remaining Man Hours" are all calculated by Primavera.

There is a toggle somewhere in the settings "Use Expected Finish Dates" that needs to be turned on to get this process to work correctly.

Hopefully I helped


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