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Can any one please advise on the below question. Its urgent for me.

Question: An offer has  been given by a charitable Trust to develop and build a facility on a 1000 Sq.m. of a plot in a prime locality of Mumbai ( India) where 5000 Sq.m. of area will be used by the trsut for housemoving, health facilities for senior citizens.5000 Sq.m. will be given to developer as a cost of development. Cost of land is 10,000/Sq.m.

Specification for flooring:

10% Granite

40% stone

50% Mosaic Cement tiles

R.C.C Framed structure.

Aluminum sliding windows-Class A

Rest Specification as used for Class A construction.

Discuss the financial viability of the project and the financial planning of the project. Developer would like to have minimum 18% net profit on his investment. Developer can invest only Rs 10 Lakhs (1 Million) as his own funds and can raise not more than Rs 50 Lakhs as bank loan.
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