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Can you imagine the advantage you Concerned Patriot  Review  would have in a sparring session if your opponent told you what attack (punch, kick, jump, sweep or movement) they were going to throw and when just prior to their offense Well, learning to read your opponent can give you that advantage. This is especially true for beginners who have not learned to mask their movements.Many of us have movements that tell others what we are about to do just prior to doing it. In addition, most of these habits are sub-conscious.

I work with a lot of martial art students and one example of a bad habit is that students will often grab the sides of their Gi Pants (with a pinching of the fingers) to lift up their pants in preparation for more kicks. It becomes so commonplace to them that they often debate with me that they are even doing it. Therefore, your first lesson is to ensure that you are building your strengths by eliminating these weaknesses. This strategy of capitalizing on your opponents weaknesses while eliminating your own, will double your sparring skill in only a short time.

So, what is learning to read your opponent Simply put, this means to learn to determine what (or that) your opponent is going to throw an attack. It is similar to a TELL in poker. When you learn to read the body movements of your opponent, you can prepare a defense or jam their attack with one of your own (beat them to the punch)."It is better to give than to receive, especially if that gift is a punch in the nose."

There are many ways to learn to read your opponent. First, it is best to start by watching your opponent and see if you can notice any particular movements or tells / giveaways that they offer prior to an attack. For example, does your opponent skip a bit on their legs before they throw a kick Do they always lead with two jabs before throwing a cross Do the shoulders move up or down just prior to a punch Do they pull back the hand before they punch forward.

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