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A 350 x 350 Reinforced concrete column is exposed to an industrial environment. The Strength grade is to be N32, (normal concrete). The fitments are R10 and there are 4-N28 main vertical bars.

  1. What cover is required to the reinforcement in this column?
  2. Exactly where is this measured from and to what?
  3. Sketch all required details at the pad footing, if the footing size is 1200 x 1200 and it is 400 deep. There are 6-N16 bars each way in the bottom of the footing and there are 4-N28 starter bars for column. Give all necessary dimensions, given that the footing is to be cast directly on approved foundation material?
  4. The column supports two suspended floors with 400 x 350 reinforced concrete beams which are continues through the column in two directions at right angles. Two main top reo bars are located in the very corner of the ligatures. Sketch the details for the column reinforcement at the first suspended floor and give necessary dimensions?
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