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What is the job of transportation engineer? what are his responsibilities?
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Railway, bus, highway, and airport systems are intricate infrastructures that require considerable planning and development. A person who designs these systems is known as a transportation engineer. Transportation engineers may work for a variety of sectors, including consulting firms, private businesses, universities, and government agencies.

A transportation engineer develop new roads and design traffic patterns.

Supervision of transportation construction and repair may be a task covered by transportation engineer jobs. Another duty may be to assist in teaching researchers or other teachers at the university level. Solving problems, such as creating alternative routes to congested traffic areas, is another specialty of the transportation civil engineer.

During road construction, engineers must make sure design plans and highway department standards are fully met. They also must be flexible, adapting to changes in plans when necessary and devising new strategies. They are responsible for calculating project costs, land availability, and local needs when planning a new transportation system. Constructing detailed proposals, following careful planning, and coordination is another job task of the transportation engineer.

Inspection following a completed project is usually a requirement of transportation engineer jobs. Engineers must ascertain whether or not completed subway, train, bus, road, and other systems are safe for drivers and passengers. Other job titles an engineer may carry include designer of transportation systems, construction supervisor, and project engineer.