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Name different types of zoom options?

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Zoom Options in AutoCAD

Zoom All: This is used to present the full drawing in the present viewport.
Zoom Center:

This is used to show a window defined by a center point and a magnification value or height. A lesser value for the height enlarges the magnification. A bigger value reduces the magnification.
Zoom Dynamic:

It is used to show the generated portion of the drawing with a view box. The view box represents our viewport, which we can reduce in size or enlarge and move around the drawing. Positioning and sizing the view box pans or zooms to fill the viewport with the image inside the view box.

Zoom Extents:

It is used to show the drawing extents and results in the largest possible display of all the objects

Zoom Previous:

Zooms to display the previous view. You can restore up to 10 previous views.

Zoom Window:

Zooms to display an area specified by two opposite corners of a rectangular window.

Zoom Real Time:

Using the pointing device, zooms interactively to a logical extent. The cursor changes to a magnifying glass with plus (+) and minus (–) signs. Hold your mouse left button and move vertically to zoom in and move downward to zoom out.

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