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Importance of Command line in AutoCAD

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Command Line has the following purposes which makes it an important tool for AutoCAD drawings

  1. It serves as an Alternate for the use of mouse
  2. When a command is activated, Tells the drafter about the next due action, i.e What needs to be done for the activated command to be completed.
  3. The Command bar displays the recent history of commands and shows   options for active commands.
  4. Pay attention to the command bar as it can help you to make better   use of the tools AutoCAD has to offer. 

The following is a list of commands that support   dialog box and command line input.  Placing a hyphen before the command   name will cause prompts to be displayed in the command window.
array, attdef, attedit, attext, bhatch, block, boundary, color, dimstyle, group, hatchedit, hyperlink, image, imageadjust, insert, layer, linetype, lweight, mtext, pan, plot, plotstamp, psetupin, purge, refedit, rename, style, toolbar, units, vbarun, view, wblock, xbind and xref


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