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Data base configuration for P6?

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  1. Install P6 as a standalone.
  2. After installing reboot your PC. Try to login with User- admin Password- admin.
  3. Then you will get message "Server not configured"
  4. Now Start Here-
  5. Click the tab beside database PMDB
  6. You will see "Edit Database Connections"
  7. Click Configure
  8. Check Database alias= PMDB
  9. Select Driver type = Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express
  10. Click Next and you will be at Configure SQL Server Connection
  11. Now here you should enter following
  12. Host Name = your computer name- PC\PRIMAVER
    (if you open My Computer you will find your computer name at bottom left corner or open Device Manager your computer name will be at the top)
  13. Database Name = pmdb$primavera
  14. Go to next screen and Do not change anything!! , click Next to Validate database connection, 9
  15. Go ahed by clicking Next, Check Connection Successful!! Dialog & Finish
  16. Follow the same procedure for Methodology Management Database
  17. Host Name will be the same
  18. Database will be MMDB
  19. Database name will be mmdb$primavera
  20. Rest of all as above.

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