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How does one calculate Sc for Section F.3 in AISC 360-05? What does “elastic section modulus to the toe in compression relative to the axis of bending” mean? What if the entire angle leg i

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refers to the section modulus of the entire shape taken about the axis of bending, with respect to the extreme fiber that is in compression. For example, the value of Sx published for angles in Table 1-7 of  the Manual represents the smaller Sx for the shape. If the leg tip closest to the x-axis is in compression, the value of Sxc  would be larger.
If the entire leg of the angle is in compression, the toe of that leg is also in compression. That would be the leg in compression due to  flexture about the geometric axis of an equal leg angle. If the angle has unequal legs, the 0.8 simplification method does not apply; the provisions for principal-axis bending would apply instead.