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What are the guidelines for structural design of an intersection (with Flyovers)?

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To design an intersection for structural loads is beyond the level of B.Sc students. But just to help you out following are the guidelines for structurally designing flyovers and intersections in Transportation Engineering:

  1. First of all determine the number of vehicles and type of vehicles that would be passing through the intersection that you are going to design. This will enable you to calculate the demand live load.
  2. Secondly, choose suitable materials that can resist the load.
  3. Thirdly, start structurally designing the Road pavement (If loads are high, you may have to use Rigid Pavement structures). In this step you should also determine the bearing capacity of soil, moisture content and other related properties.
  4. Fourthly, Estimate the amount of all the materials used in the structure and add it to demand dead load.
  5. You design should satisfy both Live and Dead Load. Check the capacity of your designed structure using Road Construction Software or manual analysis techniques.
  6. Choose a proper slope for vehicles climbing in Flyovers; usually it is 1:16.
  7. Than Choose a proper location for the intersection. Intersection should be used only as the last alternative as it is very costly and requires greater factor of safety.
  8. You should have enough area for easily laying out the intersection. Avoid Congestion.
  9. Plan proper traffic and traffic signals along the intersection.