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What are the sources of data to Monitor Progress of a Project? To monitor project progress from where should we get the information?

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Monitoring of project is done by systematically and intentionally collecting data about the status of each project task from the following sources

  1. During project team meetings
  2. In one-on-one discussion with team members
  3. Electronically by using email and sms
  4. From team members’ written reports
  5. As a result of correspondence or meetings with project vendors and suppliers
  6. From support departments, such as purchasing and receiving
  7. Project server provide tools of email workgroup (team assign, team status and  team update)
  8. Other options are: www, intranet and manual
  9. Best practice is to make standardized format
  10. Decide which  data you want to collect and how frequently you need it
  11. Choose method of collection:verbal or written at weekly meetings, telephone, interviews, or flaxable forms are all useful methods

See Golden Project Management Rules

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