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Dear Sir,
Kindly provide me the answers of my following questions..
1, As a Civil Engineer How to approve concrete Mix Design, Road base, aluminum materials, water proofing materials, paint materials etc

2, The method statements for Block work, plaster, paint, waterproofing, RCC works, curb stone and interlocks etc...

3, Shop dwgs and sectional details for all above.

4, What is site inspection, Site instruction, NCR, RFI and How to close it.
5, what are procedures to approve All Above.
6. How and what to check during all above work like, During compaction, during Pcc, During layout, during Concrete pouring, during plaster work, during plaster,
during tiles, paint and etc......
7, what is concrete durability?
8. What is EHS and how to implement.
9. the concrete temperature during casting.( concrete its self and atmospheric temperature.
10. What is as built dwg, what is project close out
11. letter writings.
12.Dubai municipality rules and regulations.
13. how to put Steel for foundations, strap beams, tie beams, cols, Beams, staircase and Slab.
14. type of foundations
15. Type of paints.
16. What is insulation and types oh heat insulations.
17. What is curtain wall and what properties of curtain walls....
18.  Types of cladding.
19. Types of flooring
20. Types of false ceiling
21. Type of Block masonry.
22. tests for soil, concrete, Block, Steel reinforcement, plaster, glass, waterproofing, insulations, fire rated doors, etc.... At Site and  from Lab
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