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please  send the detail of two way slab laying of steel  diagram  or in detaill
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Bathroom/Kitchen (System of waterproofing treatment for Toilet / Kitchen sunken areas.)

Clean the RCC sunken slab and vertical portion of all dirt and loose material etc. with a wire brush.
Make corner fillets with polymer mortar of 25 X 25 mm size at all joints. Seal all pipe joint with polymer mortar. Then apply Tapecrete P-151 slurry coat on these pipe joints followed by wrapping it with fiberglass cloth again apply a second coat of Tapecrete slurry.

Moisten the RCC sunken slab and apply one coat of Tapecrete P –151 slurry coating.
Lay fiberglass cloth over the slurry coated surface.
Apply a second coat of Tapecrete P-151 slurry over the fiberglass laid surface.
Apply one coat of brush topping over the second coat of acrylic polymer modified cementitious slurry coating.
Provide a protective plaster over the treated surface as a protective layer, Figure 3.
The above systems of waterproofing has worked perfectly well in thousands of buildings and even various government agencies are considering to change their specification of conventional box type system for basements to chemical injection and acrylic polymer modified cementitious coating system.

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