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I know about the different types of loads but tell me about the different types of loading
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Types of loading:

Axial loading

Axial loading is a type of force applied all along the axis line. For instance spine compression right from the head is an axial load. Of course this ends in injury or fracture of either spine or spinal cord. Axial load demonstrates specific mechanical strength of materials, which is referred as uniaxial compressive strength or tensile strength. This is used to measure strength variation with constant increase in pressure.

Transverse loading

Transverse loading is type of applied force perpendicular to the longitudinal axis line. This loading cause objects to bend and gets deflected from the original point of contact. It has compressive strains and internal tensile resulting in curvature change.

Torsional loading

Torsional loading causes twisting action of material. The pair of external force results in twisting action of couple due to Torsional loading. They act in opposite direction of couples either in parallel plane or of single couple which has one end fixed against couple rotation.


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