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What is meant by traverse surveying? How does it differ from chain surveying? Distinguish between a closed traverse and an open traverse?


Kindly sir reply me with comprehensive answer?
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Traverse means  to pass across.

1. In traverse surveying,framework consists of a series of connected lines forming an open or closed polygon.
In chain surveying,the framework consists of a system of triangles.
2. Traverse surveying is used for large areas and better accuracy is required.
Chain surveying is used for small areas and accuracy required is low.
3. Check lines are generally not taken in traverse surveying but they require in chain surveying.

Closed Traverse: A closed traverse starts from one traverse station and closed either on the same station or another traverse station whose location is already known.
Open Traverse: An open traverse starts from one station and closes at another station whose location is neither known nor established.

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