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how i will calculate steel weight
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To find the weight of steel, first find the Volume of steel
Volume of a steel bar (m^3) = Width x Height x Thickness OR (π x (radius)^2 x height)
Then find Mass of steel
Mass = Density x Volume
Mass (Kg) =7850 kg/m^3 x Volume of steel
Weight (N) = 9.80665002864 x Mass
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If Diameter of Bar (D) is 8mm, Square Of D i.e. 8*8=64 than 64/162= 0.395 than multiply by length of bar u get the total wt. of the bar per m.
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the waight of steel rod is- DXD/162. or 7850kg/Cum
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for weight Calculation of Rebar or steel you use following ways:

first_ (dia x dia) divided by 36   then multiply with(0.222) that will give Weight of rebar Kilograme per metre
this formula based on (6mm dia rebar)
Note: dia of rebar must in (mm)
Second way_ also same to First just Short than first way
(dia x dia) divided by 162.162 equal to Kilograme per metre weight of Rebar.
Note: Dia of Rebar Must in (mm)
Third way_ if you take Dia of Rebar in (cm) than for Weight Calculation of Rebar you Can(0.617) Multiply with (DiaxDia) of rebar
Note: Rebar Dia must be in (cm)
Example: for 20 mm dia rebar we have:
first way:  (20x20)/36 * 0.222=2.467 kg/m
second way: (20x20)/162.162=2.467 kg/m
Third way: (2x2)*0.617=2.468 kg/m
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use the formula D*D/162.28 to get the unit weight of steel