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How to repair concrete dusting?

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  1. Sandblast, shot blast or use a high-pressure washer to remove the weak surface layer.
  2. To minimize or eliminate dusting, apply a commercially available chemical floor hardener, such as sodium silicate (water glass) or metallic zinc or magnesium fluosilicate, in compliance with manufacturer’s directions on thoroughly dried concrete. If dusting persists, use a coating, such as latex formulations, epoxy sealers, or cement paint..
  3. In severe cases, a serviceable floor can be obtained by wet-grinding the surface to durable substrate concrete. This may be followed by properly bonded placement of a topping course. If this is not practical, installation of a floor covering, such as carpeting or vinyl tile covering, is the least expensive solution to severe dusting. This option will require some prior preparation since adhesives for floor covering materials will not bond to floors with a dusting problem and dusting can permeate through carpeting.

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