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Sir ,I am a 3rd year civil engineering student from India. I want to pusue MS(Civil) from a good university abroad. Having searched about colleges still one basic question still hangs around in my mind. That is , “Is there any good market/opportunities for civil engineers in US, Germany, Singapore or any country which is a popular study destination.”I mean that ,as these countries are developed , so is there any real demand of civil engineers there.And is it viable to do MS keeping in view the placements and growth achieved by MS(from abroad for a job there only).\r\nAND SECONDLY THE TECHNICAL QUESTION , Sir they teach us courses , such as steel design , concrete design in the college which are completely dependent on Indian Standard(IS) codes , So please share the feasibility of doing an MS in civil engineering outside india as there , all such courses will not be based on IS codes.\r\nRegards\r\nManmeet Singh
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